Sad news

Our director and COO Masatake Haruta passed away on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for your kindness during his lifetime.

In view of the recent situation, funerals already have been held only by close relatives, and obituary is notified after the memorial service.

The origin of our founding is that Dr. Masatake Haruta discovered the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles for the first time in the world in 1982. We will continue to carry on the will of the deceased and make every effort to put the gold catalyst to practical use. We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

We added the paper list using HGI products


Efficient Ce–Co composite oxide decorated Au nanoparticles for catalytic oxidation of CO in the simulated atmosphere of a CO2 laser

Qiang Fang, Hailian Li, Qingquan Lin, Kuo Liu, Yang Su, Guodong Huo, Xuhua Zou, Xiufeng Xu, Haisheng Wei and Shixue Qi

RSC Advances, 2020, 10, 22921

DOI: 10.1039/d0ra03558k


Oxidation of β-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADH) by Au Cluster and Nanoparticle Catalysts Aiming for Coenzyme Regeneration in Enzymatic Glucose Oxidation

Jun-ichi Nishigaki, Tamao Ishida, Tetsuo Honma, and Masatake Haruta

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2020, 8, 28, 10413–10422


Gold catalysts containing interstitial carbon atoms boost hydrogenation activity

Yafei Sun, Yueqiang Cao, Lili Wang, Xiaotong Mu, Qingfei Zhao, Rui Si, Xiaojuan Zhu, Shangjun Chen, Bingsen Zhang, De Chen & Ying Wan

Nature Communications, volume 11, Article number: 4600 (2020)


Elucidation of Active Sites of Gold Nanoparticles on Acidic Ta2O5 Supports for CO Oxidation

Mingyue Lin, Chihiro Mochizuki, Baoxiang An, Yusuke Inomata, Tamao Ishida, Masatake Haruta, and Toru Murayama

ACS Catalysis, 2020, 10, 9328−9335


Highly dispersive Au nanoparticles on TiO2 nanofibers as a supported catalyst synthesized from Al-Ti-Au intermetallic compound

Yi-Xin Liu, Satoshi Ohhashi, Satoshi Kameoka, An Pang Tsai

Chemical Engineering Science 211 (2020) 115249



Oxidative esterification of aliphatic aldehydes and alcohols with ethanol over gold nanoparticle catalysts in batch and continuous flow reactors

Ayako Taketoshia, Tamao Ishidaa, Toru Murayamaa, Tetsuo Honma, Masatake Haruta

Applied Catalysis A, General 585 (2019) 117169


A Self-Assembly Process for the Immobilization of N-Modified Au Nanoparticles in Ordered Mesoporous Carbon with Large Pores

Hui Li, Hong Shen, Chun Pei, Shangjun Chen, and Ying Wan


Supported gold cluster catalysts prepared by solid grinding using a nonvolatile organogold complex for low-temperature CO oxidation and the effect of potassium on gold particle size

Luong Xuan Diena, Tamao Ishidaa, Ayako Taketoshia, Duc Q. Truong, Huynh Dang Chinh, Tetsuo Honma, Toru Murayama, Masatake Haruta

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 241 (2019) 539–547


Role of the Acid Site for Selective Catalytic Oxidation of NH3 over Au/Nb2O5

Mingyue Lin, Baoxiang An, Nao Niimi, Yohei Jikihara, Tsuruo Nakayama, Tetsuo Honma,Takashi Takei, Tetsuya Shishido, Tamao Ishida, Masatake Haruta, and Toru Murayama

ACS Catalysis, 2019, 9, 1753−1756


Ultrastable Au nanoparticles on titania through an encapsulation strategy under oxidative atmosphere

Shaofeng Liu, Wei Xu, Yiming Niu, Bingsen Zhang, Lirong Zheng, Wei Liu, Lin Li &
Junhu Wang

Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 5790 (2019)


Low-temperature NH3-SCR Activity of Nanoparticulate Gold Supported on a Metal Oxide

Yusuke INOMATA, Makoto MINO, Shinichi HATA, Eiji KIYONAGA, Keiichiro MORITA, Kenji HIKINO, Kazuhiro YOSHIDA, Masatake HARUTA, and Toru MURAYAMA

Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute, 62, (5), 234-243 (2019)


Efficient base-free direct oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid over TiO2-supported gold clusters

Song Guo, Qihua Fang, Zhimin Li, Jia Zhang, Junying Zhang and Gao Li


Remarkable active-site dependent H2O promoting effect in CO oxidation

Shu Zhao, Fang Chen, Sibin Duan, Bin Shao, Tianbo Li, Hailian Tang, Qingquan Lin, Junying Zhang, Lin Li, Jiahui Huang, Nicolas Bion, Wei Liu, Hui Sun, Ai-Qin Wang, Masatake Haruta, Botao Qiao, Jun Li, Jingyue Liu & Tao Zhang

Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 3824 (2019)


Activity promotion of anti-sintering Au₲MgGa2O4 using ceria in the water gas shift reaction and catalytic combustion reactions

Guo-Qing Ren, Guang-Xian Pei, Jing-Cai Zhang, Wei-Zhen Li

Chinese Journal of Catalysis 40 (2019) 600–608


Negative Charging of Au Nanoparticles during Methanol Synthesis from CO2/H2 on a Au/ZnO Catalyst: Insights from Operando IR and Near-Ambient-Pressure XPS and XAS Measurements

Ali M. Abdel-Mageed, Alexander Klyushin, Azita Rezvani, Axel Knop-Gericke, Robert Schlçgl, and R. Jgrgen Behm

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58, 10325 –10329 2019, 58, 10325 –10329



Gold nanoparticles supported on mesoporous iron oxide for enhanced CO oxidation reaction

Shunsuke Tanaka, Jianjian Lin, Yusuf Valentino Kaneti, Shin-ichi Yusa, Yohei Jikihara, Tsuruo Nakayama, Mohamed Barakat Zakaria, Abdulmohsen Ali Alshehri, Jungmok You, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain and Yusuke Yamauchi

Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 4779–4785


Gold-Loaded Nanoporous Iron Oxide Cubes Derived from Prussian Blue as Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Catalyst at Room Temperature

Shunsuke Tanaka, Mohamed Barakat Zakaria, Yusuf Valentino Kaneti, Yohei Jikihara, Tsuruo Nakayama, Mukter Zaman, Yoshio Bando, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Dmitri Golberg, and Yusuke Yamauchi

ChemistrySelect 2018, 3, 13464– 13469


Maximizing the Number of Interfacial Sites in Single-Atom Catalysts for the Highly Selective, Solvent-Free Oxidation of Primary Alcohols

Tianbo Li, Fei Liu, Yan Tang, Lin Li, Shu Miao, Yang Su, Junying Zhang, Jiahui Huang, Hui Sun, Masatake Haruta, Aiqin Wang, Botao Qiao, Jun Li, and Tao Zhang

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2018, 57, 7795 –7799



Remarkable enhancement of Fe–V–Ox composite metal oxide to gold catalyst for CO oxidation in the simulated atmosphere of CO2 laser

Qingquan Lin, Chun Han, Huijuan Su, Libo Sun, Tamao Ishida, Tetsuo Honma, Xun Sun, Yuhua Zheng and Caixia Qi

RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 38780


Correlation of catalytic activity with the morphology change of supported Au nanoparticles in gas
Tetsuya Uchiyama, Hideto Yoshida, Naoto Kamiuchi

Surface Science 659 (2017) 16–19


Classical strong metal–support interactions between gold nanoparticles and titanium dioxide

Hailian Tang, Yang Su, Bingsen Zhang, Adam F. Lee, Mark A. Isaacs, Karen Wilson, Lin Li, Yuegong Ren, Jiahui Huang, Masatake Haruta, Botao Qiao, Xin Liu, Changzi Jin, Dangsheng Su, Junhu Wang, Tao Zhang

Science Advances, 2017;3: e1700231

DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700231



Thermally reduced gold nanocatalysts prepared by the carbonization of ordered mesoporous carbon as a heterogeneous catalyst for the selective reduction of aromatic nitro compounds

Haibin Fu, Li Zhang, Ya Wang, Shangjun Chen, Ying Wan

Journal of Catalysis 344 (2016) 313–324


Deposition of Gold Nanoparticles on Niobium Pentoxide with Different Crystal Structures for Room-Temperature Carbon Monoxide Oxidation

Toru Murayama, Wataru Ueda, and Masatake Haruta

ChemCatChem 2016, 8, 2620 – 2624


Correlation between catalytic activity of supported gold catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation and metal–oxygen binding energy of the support metal oxides

Takashi Fujita, Masanori Horikawa, Takashi Takei, Toru Murayama, Masatake Haruta

Chinese Journal of Catalysis 37 (2016) 1651–1655


Ultrastable Hydroxyapatite/Titanium-Dioxide-Supported Gold Nanocatalyst with Strong Metal–Support Interaction for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation

Hailian Tang, Fei Liu, Jiake Wei, Botao Qiao, Kunfeng Zhao, Yang Su, Changzi Jin, Lin Li, Jingyue (Jimmy) Liu, Junhu Wang, and Tao Zhang

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016, 55,10606–10611



Highly Efficient Catalysis of Preferential Oxidation of CO in H2‑Rich Stream by Gold Single-Atom Catalysts

Botao Qiao, Jiaxin Liu, Yang-Gang Wang, Qingquan Lin, Xiaoyan Liu, Aiqin Wang, Jun Li, Tao Zhang, and Jingyue (Jimmy) Liu

ACS Catalysis, 2015, 5, 6249−6254



Microscope Analysis of Au–Pd/TiO2 Glycerol Oxidation Catalysts Prepared by Deposition–Precipitation Method

Naoki Mimura, Norihito Hiyoshi, Masakazu Daté, Tadahiro Fujitani, Franck Dumeignil

Catalysis Letters (2014) 144:2167–2175

Research Center for Gold Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University will be on TV, “Tokyo Site” July 9th, 2015, 14:00-14:05

Research Center for Gold Chemistry, headed by Professor Masatake Haruta and providing the research foundation for Haruta Gold Inc., will be on TV.

Program name: “Tokyo Site”

Broadcasting station: TV Asahi

Reporter: Kikuhime Hayashiya

Date: Everyday from July 6 to 10, 2015, from 2 PM for five minutes


“Tokyo Metropolitan University marks 10th anniversary”

* This series of programs introduce Tokyo Metropolitan University to the public.

Monday, July 6: “Take All Credits in English”

Tuesday, July 7: “Learn Space Science”

Wednesday, July 8: “Botanical Specimen by Tomitaro Makino”

Thursday, July 9: “Research Center for Gold Chemistry” <= This program is related to Haruta Gold Inc.

Friday, July 10: “Research to Prepare for Earthquake with Epicenter in Tokyo”


Masatake Haruta’s public lecture, “Catalysis by Gold: The World of Nanoparticle”

Tokyo Metoropolitan University has established Opencoursewear, TMUOCW experimentally. Masateke Haruta’s specilal lecuture,”Catalysis by Gold: The World of Nanoparticle.” is open to the public.

Please visit the site below.

Masatake Haruta’s lecture;

TMUOCW, OpenCoursWare of Tokyo Metoropolitan University;


Haruta Gold Inc. join GOLD 2015 World Conferrence.

GOLD 2015 Wold Conference

Conference Dates: Sunday 26th ? Wednesday 29th July 2015
Sunday 26th July: Conference Introduction & Social Evening, National Museum Cardiff
Monday 27th July: Poster Session & Social Evening, National Museum Cardiff
Tuesday 28th July: Conference Dinner, Cardiff City Hall

Reference;GOLD 2015

Haruta Gold Inc.?is?one of ?the?sponsors for Gold 2015.